Yardage Factor

This “shoot” does not involve any shoot­ing but instead is a com­pe­ti­tion for judg­ing the dis­tance to a tar­get.  A por­tion of the entry fee con­tributes to the “pot” to be award­ed to the win­ner.

A course of 3‑D ani­mals is set out at unknown dis­tances and par­tic­i­pants stand at the shoot­ing line for each tar­get and esti­mate the dis­tance to the tar­get.  After mark­ing down their guess on the score card they move to the next tar­get and repeat.  Once all tar­gets have been marked on the score card, the card should be turned in.

At the end of event, the mea­sured dis­tances will be post­ed and the par­tic­i­pant who’s esti­mates are clos­est over­all to the actu­al dis­tances will be award­ed the mon­ey from the “pot”.

*Please note, the tar­gets are not to be shot or approached and range find­ers or dis­tance esti­mat­ing aids are not allowed.