Sadie Hawkings Team Shoot

The shoot con­sist of a small course of 3‑D ani­mals set­up in a field and men and women inter­est­ed in par­tic­i­pat­ing sign up sep­a­rate­ly for this shoot at the reg­is­tra­tion area.  Before the shoot begins teams are cre­at­ed by allow­ing women to pick at ran­dom two men’s names “from a hat” then the teams are grouped into brack­ets.

Each team is assigned a start­ing tar­get and dur­ing the shoot, each archer in the team shoots; teams then score each ani­mal in turn and at the end of each round, the high­er scor­ing team of each brack­et moves on to the next round. The shoot con­tin­ues until a sin­gle team remains.

Prizes are award­ed to each par­tic­i­pant in the win­ning and 2nd place teams