Last Man Standing

Participants shoot elimination style at a 3-D animal target in a field until only one participant remains.  The distance to the target(s) is unknown and range finders and distance estimating aids are not allowed.  The event organizers will initially fund a "pot" of prize money for the shoot, which will grow from buy-ins during the shoot.  Each round, the event organizer will indicate what portion of a target should be shot, then all participants shoot a single arrow together in their own time at the target (arrows may be damaged during this shoot).  Any archer's arrow that does not meet what the event organizer has asked for is eliminated, but occasionally participants that have just been eliminated can buy their way back in to the next round.  The money from buy-ins contributes to the "pot".  After each round, arrows are collected, the event organizer indicates a new portion of a target to shoot for and the next round begins.  The last remaining participant is awarded the money from the "pot".