IBO Field

A risk vs reward shoot on a course using a pro­pri­etary tar­get sys­tem con­sist­ing of three 16″ foam cores on a stand, each core hav­ing a dif­fer­ent point val­ue depend­ing on the size of it’s cen­ter: 1.75″ cen­ter for 13 points, 5″ cen­ter for 10 points, 10″ cen­ter for 8 points, out­side the cen­ter but on the tar­get foam 5 points and out­side the tar­get all togeth­er is a 0 point miss.

Archers move through the course, shoot­ing 1 arrow per tar­get from a des­ig­nat­ed shoot­ing stake at the core of their choice depend­ing on the lev­el of risk they are will­ing to accept to achieve their desired score.  Dis­tances are marked and range find­ers are allowed.  Scores are kept dur­ing the shoot and turned in at the end.

A por­tion of the entry fee con­tributes to the “pot” to be award­ed to the win­ner.

Fur­ther infor­ma­tion about this shoot if avail­able from these doc­u­ment: