IBO Field

A risk vs reward shoot on a course using a proprietary target system consisting of three 16" foam cores on a stand, each core having a different point value depending on the size of it's center: 1.75" center for 13 points, 5" center for 10 points, 10" center for 8 points, outside the center but on the target foam 5 points and outside the target all together is a 0 point miss.

Archers move through the course, shooting 1 arrow per target from a designated shooting stake at the core of their choice depending on the level of risk they are willing to accept to achieve their desired score.  Distances are marked and range finders are allowed.  Scores are kept during the shoot and turned in at the end.

A portion of the entry fee contributes to the "pot" to be awarded to the winner.

Further information about this shoot if available from these document: