This shoot consists of two courses of 3-D target animals shot at unmarked distances from a designated stake depending on shooting class.  The first round usually has multiple time slots that are available to shoot in and the final round is shotgun start at a designated day and time. Archers are grouped with peers within their shooting class before entering the course.

Some events allow registering in an additional class for this shoot, participants desiring to shoot two classes need to make sure that they complete the first rounds of both classes and declare which class they intend to shoot the final round with by a certain day and time.  Second classes are shot on the opposite course and from a different stake than the first and often require a different bow or arrows to qualify within the available classes.

The first and final round are both required to be shot in order to qualify for an award, which are given to the top places in each class at the end of the event.  Participants that shot in additional classes also have the chance to win an additional award for highest cumulative score from all rounds.

Range finders and distance estimating aids are not allowed.