Champions Showcase Shootdown

In order to qual­i­fy for this shoot, you must have par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Bowhunter Chal­lenge shoot at the event, only the first round score is used for archers who shot the course mul­ti­ple times, and the same equip­ment from that first round is required to be shot in the shoot-down.  The fol­low­ing cat­e­gories are used to deter­mine who is eli­gi­ble for this shoot:

  • Women from any shoot­ing class that shot from either the white or orange stake
  • Men from any shoot­ing class that shot from the white stake
  • Men from any shoot­ing class that shot from the orange stake

The top rank­ing archers of these cat­e­gories, irrel­e­vant of shoot­ing class, are eli­gi­ble to par­tic­i­pate in this shoot.

The shoot con­sist of a small course of 3‑D ani­mals set­up in a field and par­tic­i­pants are grouped into brack­ets depend­ing on their rank with­in the above cat­e­gories.  Each par­tic­i­pant shoots and scores each ani­mal in turn and at the end of each round, the high­er scor­ing archer of each brack­et moves on to the next round.  The shoot con­tin­ues until a sin­gle archer, the cham­pi­on, from each cat­e­go­ry remains.

Prizes are award­ed to the cham­pi­ons with­in each cat­e­go­ry, and at some events, event orga­niz­ers may addi­tion­al­ly have the cham­pi­ons shoot-off amongst each oth­er for a grand cham­pi­on.

Range find­ers and dis­tance esti­mat­ing aids are not allowed.