Champions Showcase Shootdown

In order to qualify for this shoot, you must have participated in the Bowhunter Challenge shoot at the event, only the first round score is used for archers who shot the course multiple times, and the same equipment from that first round is required to be shot in the shoot-down.  The following categories are used to determine who is eligible for this shoot:

  • Women from any shooting class that shot from either the white or orange stake
  • Men from any shooting class that shot from the white stake
  • Men from any shooting class that shot from the orange stake

The top ranking archers of these categories, irrelevant of shooting class, are eligible to participate in this shoot.

The shoot consist of a small course of 3-D animals setup in a field and participants are grouped into brackets depending on their rank within the above categories.  Each participant shoots and scores each animal in turn and at the end of each round, the higher scoring archer of each bracket moves on to the next round.  The shoot continues until a single archer, the champion, from each category remains.

Prizes are awarded to the champions within each category, and at some events, event organizers may additionally have the champions shoot-off amongst each other for a grand champion.

Range finders and distance estimating aids are not allowed.