Bowhunter Challenge

This shoot consists of two courses of 3-D target animals shot at unmarked distances from a designated stake depending on shooting class.  The course can be shot at the participant's leisure as long as they have a group of sufficient size.  Participants can choose to register additional times to shoot the course again in the same class or in additional classes.

The score from the first registration if ranked high enough qualifies participants for the Champions Showcase Shoot-down depending on place (participants must shoot the same equipment as the first registration in the shoot-down).  Additional registrations are used to improve place within a class for receiving an award if the total score is higher than a previous score.  Awards are given to the top places in each class at the end of the event, it is also possible to receive multiple awards if multiple classes are registered/shot and the participant places high enough in the class.

Range finders and distance estimating aids are not allowed.