IBO Traditional Ambassador

This year we are marking the first year of the IBO Traditional Ambassador Award. The Ambassador Award will be a yearly induction of a person who exemplifies the honor, integrity, and qualities we hold dear as traditonal archers. If you would like to nominate a person for this award, please submit a paragraph of why you believe this person should be awarded our 2021 IBO Traditional Ambassador Award. Your words and description of the person chosen will be anonymously included in the presentation awarded to the recipient.

You can send the paragraph via our contact page, use messenger via our IBO Traditional Facebook page, or send by mail to:
IBO Traditional
P.O. Box 398
Vermilion, OH 44089

Please send by July 1, 2021. We look forward to awarding this to a deserving and distinguished traditional archer at the IBO Trad World in TN. This person does not have to be present to win, nor do they have to participate in the competition. Remember this award is for an ambassador for traditional archery: lives it, walks it, talks it. Thanks for your help in finding the deserving individual.