New Committee

Late­ly there has been con­ver­sa­tion and ques­tions in regard to dif­fer­ent “ploys, gam­bits, maneu­vers, devices” archers are using to assist them in class­es oth­er than Bare­bow. We know there are many archers that need help with cer­tain issues such as anx­i­ety, pan­ic, and accu­ra­cy, and Bare­bow is designed to help all archers achieve their goals. […]

IBO Traditional Ambassador

This year we are mark­ing the first year of the IBO Tra­di­tion­al Ambas­sador Award. The Ambas­sador Award will be a year­ly induc­tion of a per­son who exem­pli­fies the hon­or, integri­ty, and qual­i­ties we hold dear as tra­di­ton­al archers. If you would like to nom­i­nate a per­son for this award, please sub­mit a para­graph of why […]

Welcome to our new site!

Here you will be able to find infor­ma­tion about our upcom­ing events along with pho­tos and results from our pre­vi­ous events. Make sure to also check out our Face­Book page or join our email mail­ing list to stay up to date with all things IBO Tra­di­tion­al!